Williamsburg Winery Wedding – Wedmore Place

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Whether it’s 200 guests or 20, Williamsburg Winery weddings always look gorgeous and I LOVE the courtyard at Wedmore Place so I was super excited to photograph this intimate wedding that took place at the Williamsburg Winery and Wedmore Place courtyard.

It was a chilly, overcast March afternoon and despite being short a few flowers (and getting the wrong colors) the beautiful bride was in high spirits and smiling from ear to ear when I saw her working in the reception room on a few last minute details. Kelly truly thought of everyone when planning her wedding, she came in from out of town so that her grandmother could attend, provided embroidered blankets for each guest to help them stay warm during the outside ceremony, and brought in board games for everyone to enjoy during the cocktail hour. Andy and his family got to spend a couple hours in the Venetian Suite which is simply AMAZING with two floors and truly unique murals on the ceiling (but maybe not for younger eyes 😉 The ceremony was relatively short but very personal and it gave us a little extra time to walk around the grounds and do portraits in a few behind the scene spots I had never photographed before – but will definitely revisit!

Kelly & Andy were a very fun couple to photograph, lots of goofing around and genuine silliness, making it easy for me to capture uniquely personal photos for them. There was no dancing, no DJ, no bridal party, just a small gathering of family and a few close friends with dinner afterwards, and it was perfect.

HUGE thanks to Kristen Collins at the Williamsburg Winery and Wedmore Place for helping us gain access to the wine cellar for a few portraits and Stephanie Frey at Blush Tones for a beautiful job on the bride’s makeup.