Hurricane Wedding

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Neither rain nor sleet nor snow, not even Hurricane Matthews can prevent me from showing up on the wedding day! 😉

I was a staff photographer at the newspaper when Hurricane Isabel came through and watched it make landfall from a front row seat in the Outer Banks so I know a little about what a hurricane is capable of and despite the weather forecasts that Hurricane Matthews would miss Hampton Roads I wasn’t taking any chances. I checked in with the unshakeable bride to make sure her plans hadn’t changed and while a few guests chose to weather the storm from home I got to join Allison at her grandmother’s house for my first Hurricane wedding on the Chesapeake Bay in Reedville, Virginia.

I normally wear my lucky “anti-rain” raincoat but recently got a new one and since I was up against a Hurricane I decided to give it a shot – and it worked! We had A LOT of wind but it was only sprinkling for the ceremony and the rain didn’t really pick up until we were all away from the water’s edge and under the tent so we stayed relatively dry until we moved to the back porch for the cake cutting.

Allison & Charles put a lot of effort into their wedding details and for those that made it they attended the best Hurricane party I’ve ever been to 😉 From handmade benches for the ceremony (made by them), to signature cocktails, homemade whiskey and brandy, and signs every couple hundred feet leading up to the house (since we were in the middle of nowhere with little to no cell reception) there were beautiful handmade touches throughout every part of their day making it truly one of a kind.

The hurricane winds did make for some funny portraits and challenging circumstances for the outdoor part of the day, but everyone remained in such great spirits you would never have known there was a hurricane happening on the other side of the tent walls.

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