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Norfolk Botanical Gardens Wedding


Since I shoot around 20 weddings each year I can easily go a few years without a wedding at a particular venue, even one as popular as the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. While I have shot about a dozen weddings in four different gardens, this was my first Norfolk Botanical Gardens wedding ceremony in the Sarah Lee Baker Perennial Garden. I frequently walk couples to this garden to use the gorgeous fountain and ivy-covered veranda. In May the flowers are in full bloom and it is SO beautiful so while Dallas, the gorgeous bride, had originally planned to have her ceremony in the Bristow Butterfly Garden it turned out just as amazing.

There are two reception choices for Norfolk Botanical Gardens weddings, in the gallery area or in their ballroom space on the far right end of the museum. Both locations have their pros and cons, but I personally like being in the gallery with it’s high ceilings and artwork surrounding the space. DJ James added some uplighting to change the color & mood of the evening and I added a little of my own light on the dance floor, creating some beautifully lit & colorful dance pictures. The night ended with bubbles and with a little help & encouragement from me we filled the entryway so well that Dallas & Justin were able to come back through for a farewell kiss – a picture-perfect ending!

The Story BEHIND the Pictures
Every wedding has a story, and Dallas got more than her share. From the florist not having any record of her order, to the restaurant having no reservation for her rehearsal dinner, to her Norfolk Botanical Gardens wedding being moved to a different garden, and then rain for her outdoor ceremony until 30 min. before it was time to walk down the aisle, it seemed nothing was going to go according to plan. And all of this after Dallas & Justin had dated (and waited) 11 years before the big day – I wanted nothing more than for things to go great for her.

But Dallas kept smiling and all the effort she put into making her bridesmaids necklaces, the jewel-encrusted programs, and the precious hand-painted ring box took center stage and don’t be surprised if you see her pieces on Etsy soon!


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