3 Secret Tips to Look Slimmer in Photos

Who doesn’t want to look slimmer in photos!?!

I know I do! And I want everyone to look great in their photos so I’m going to share a few of my tricks I use with my wedding & portrait clients.

Best of all, they don’t involve wearing Spanks or PhotoShop magic!

Here are my 3 Secret Tips to look slimmer in photos…


Shifting Sands Wedding Heather Hughes Photography

Tip #1 – Twist a little & bend


If you’ve ever worried about the camera adding 10 pounds, try this trick to lose 10 pounds instead. 

Stand a little sideways and twist your waist by turning your shoulders towards the camera, and bend your elbow or knee closest to the camera.  This is a great angle to help anyone look slimmer in photos.  

Standing at just a slight angle will always help you look slimmer in photos, regardless of your figure. Most importantly, bending your knee or elbow is the quickest, easiest way to make your waist look smaller too! 

Shifting Sands Wedding Heather Hughes Photography

Tip #2 – Turtling & Face the Light


I promise that even the skinniest people can get what I call Awkward Neck Syndrome (ANS), I see it all the time! 

You know the kind, where you are laughing, or turning to the camera, and somehow the camera captures lots more neck than you really have?  It’s the worst!  I don’t know why, but every time I’m in front of a camera, I tend to pull my chin back without even realizing it and making all kinds of extra neck problems!  

Luckily, this is an easy fix. 

The next time you are in front of a camera, (just grab your phone right now and try this), push your neck and forehead towards the camera a little bit and lift your chin up towards the light.  Kind of like a turtle sticks their neck out (sometimes I call it “turtling”).

It might feel a little awkward, but from the camera’s perspective it doesn’t look awkward, instead it lengthens and minimizes any chance of a double chin. And the shadows fall in all the right places. True magic.

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Tip #3 – Pull your hair around your neck

I’ve learned this tip from many years in Photo Shop (PS).  Because I prefer not to spend hours in Photo Shop, I have found another easy fix anyone can do during the session if you have long hair. 

Pull your hair forward, over your shoulders, and around your neck (I do this one for myself all the time). It’s weird, but it really helps you to look much skinnier – especially if you have a square, round, or heart-shaped face.

Whenever I learn someone is self-conscious during a shoot I try to bring the hair forward as much as I can around the neck. Same result without hours to do the same when editing later – great for everyone! 


Hope you enjoyed these tips to look slimmer in photos & find them helpful for your next session or selfie! 


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